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From our office based near Oxford in England, we provide an informed hands-on approach in both our business areas that is a major benefit to customers who require an understanding of their business and markets without wasting time and money explaining their requirements

Brand Development

Providing market knowledge, strategic campaigns and routes to new customers for clients planning localised tactical activity, entry into new markets or international expansion. We also support internal brand development and rebranding activities. 


Digital Strategy

B2B focused digital strategies based on business objectives and audience. We define the role and delivery of digital marketing channels and digital platforms and execute campaigns to deliver these objectives.

Technical PR

Our Technical PR team are experts trained in IT, engineering and electronics. They deliver SEO keyword rich, extensively researched and compelling content for optimum cut-through.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is still a highly effective digital marketing channel; campaigns can deliver incremental value and offer uplift for any brand.

Content Strategy
Defining what content will speak to your target audience and inspire them to take actions that meet your commercial goals.
Data & Analytics

Providing audits, set-up and configuration of digital tracking and data management solutions, with bespoke dashboards built for commercial goals.


At Westside International we know that B2B email is an underestimated, but integral, component of your eCRM strategy, and essential to a successful digital strategy. 

Social Media

Paid and organic social media , as well as forums, are powerful B2B tools for identifying, communicating with and converting prospecting clients.

Language Adaptation
In a global market literal translations are not sufficient, they lose the subtleties of language. Our international team is trained to recognise cultural and linguistic nuances.

We work a little differently.

Our scalable services are designed to meet your technical B2B and business needs. We believe in the importance of the services we deliver, but also in ensuring they are delivered in a way to best suit our individual clients.

Our Clients

Our services are purchased by corporations and organisations throughout Europe. Our clients include:

"They immersed themselves into our industry, fully understood the needs to be met and delivered exceptional results."

SJ -Mitsubishi Electric Marketing Manager

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