Delivering incremental value through affiliates


Affiliate Campaign Delivery

Affiliate Marketing is still a highly effective, performance-based, digital marketing channel that enables you to scale your business by taking your content to networks crammed with future customers. Our experienced technology affiliate marketing team can provide either a fully managed campaign, or support as required.

Our full managed affiliate marketing support delivers everything from programme setup and publisher recruitment, ensuring we drive only the most relevant visitors to your site, to planning. Throughout the campaign we provide real-time evaluations of the strategy, refining our approach as the data informs us. Our real-time approach also allows us to have a zero-tolerance attitude towards fraud. Following the campaign we deliver comprehensive reporting and analysis with future recommendations. Or if you’re looking for support, we would be delighted to help with anything from introducing a potential network partner, providing campaign integration and launch support, campaign optimisation, affiliate segmentation or attribution measurement.

Our Affiliate Marketing services at Westside International are designed to support you in delivering a successful campaign.



Intricate network of the affiliate market

We believe that building an affiliate campaign that delivers incremental value and uplift is achievable for any brand..