Supporting your growth, expansion and development

New Customers

We frequently work with organisations who know that their product is the best on the market. Their existing clients are advocates for the brand and their word-of-mouth is consistently strong, but they are having problems successfully accessing the rest of their potential target audience. At Westside International we undertake extensive market research to understand your target audience, their product needs and wants, behaviours and buying patterns. Ultimately working your team to make tailored, relevant and successful connections with new potential customers.

Market Expansion

Many established organisations encounter market saturation. Meticulously planned and executed strategies can leave existing channels past optimum performance, and a strategy of market expansion needs to be adopted to maximise sales. At Westside International we have extensive experience entering new markets. We will assess market competition and customer potential, work with you to define your new market, choose your mode or entry, establish resources required, develop a market entry plan and educate your team.

International Growth

Entering into a new international market can provide an excellent opportunity to expand your brand.  However, it is common to encounter multiple barriers including licensing requirements, tariffs, quotas, embargoes, standards and subsidies. Cultural influences including, language, legal and competitor monopolies introduce an additional level of complexity. At Westside International we have extensive experience in navigating our clients through the complications of entering a new international marketplace.

New Approach - Development

Sometimes you just need to hit refresh, because even the biggest brands undergo evolutions. Our team will work with you to assess what has been working, and what hasn’t, from both an internal and external perspective. We’ll then work with you to develop an overall business strategy, your positioning, your messaging strategy, your proposition including mission statement and values, your website and content marketing strategy. In fact, our B2B technology specialists will help you through every step of your journey whether you’re just starting out, undergoing an evolution or embracing a revolution!


We're with you, whether you're staring out or starting again.