Promoting through targeted PR

There can be a disdain for PR in the technology community. A forward thinking mindset can be quick to disregard PR as outdated and ineffectual with minimal returns.

PR is an effective  branding exercise. Your brand needs to be seen, heard and talked about by the right people in the right places.

PR is about understanding the investment pay-off; it’s about being searched for, rather than found amongst a search.

Traditional PR

Our offline technology PR experts manage your brand’s reach and reputation through a number of methods including event management and trade exhibitions. They have extensive experience drafting and sharing press releases with traditional media outlets, including trade and niche publications, and achieving prime placement coverage.

SEO Targeted PR

Digital B2B PR is an exciting opportunity that allows you to communicate with decision-makers in your key businesses. Our SEO driven PR service combines optimised and engaging content for measurable results. Our tech experts know what drives your target audience to purchase, and if they don’t they are relentless until they find out through social profiling and industry influencer strategies. We deliver standout growth focused on tangible results, which are measured and monitored with the latest planning and monitoring tools.

Working together developing your technical PR campaign

Crisis Management

SMEs and Multinational Organisations can experience negative press. Product recalls, faulty devices or a change in the organisation’s structure need to be managed carefully. Damage to a brand’s reputation can be irrevocable if mismanaged. 

Our years of experience with SMEs, large and international technology organisations has provided our team with invaluable crisis communication skills. Our team quickly, efficiently and discretely manages potential media fall-out before long-term impact occurs.

Communicating with the right people at the right time.

We target your customers, but also your customer’s customers.