Developing your digital strategy

Digital Platforms

A strong brand presence requires a solid foundation, selecting relevant digital B2B marketing platforms is a fundamental part of that process. By understanding your business objectives and target audience our digital strategists will work with you to utilise the right platforms, whether it’s the web, phone apps or social media, to deliver against your objectives. 

Digital Marketing Channels

Direct communication has never been easier (and harder) to achieve. With an abundance of marketing channels available choosing the most effective, and cost efficient, method can prove challenging. Our experienced team will help you navigate the extensive list options including email, landing pages, advertising, search engines, chatbots, phone, and more to ensure you deliver a successful campaign.

Enhancing your digital performance


User experience is always at the forefront of everything we do. Our B2B UX team works with you to understand every element of the UX including your objectives and your end-user’s individual needs; functional specifications and content requirements; interaction design and information architecture; UI design - interface and navigation. At Westside International we employ extensive usability testing to ensure everyone accomplishes goals with ease. 

Delivering you to your audience in style.